hayakawa kowalczyk

Urban Bakers

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: 2015 – 2016
  • Client: Private
  • Photography: Takumi Ota

Bakery is located in a property adjacent to Mojo Cafe Harajuku designed previously by hayakawa kowalczyk. 

Both spaces are developed in a different but seemingly consistent way. Two shops can act independently or be perceived as one whole thanks to the large glass wall visually connecting both spaces.

Bakery interior, predominantly in white is kept as simple as possible. It is a reference to lab like space where artisan bread and sweets are made with the utmost precision. The main counter with white corian top and cladded with white ceramic tiles provides long display surface. The space also features seating area with bespoke tables, benches by the window and dedicated lighting. Used materials include traditional Kurokawa steel finish which compliments bakery stance where only handcrafted methods and the finest ingredients can be used. The feature end-wall with yellow tiled pattern animates interior of both spaces and is always present completing carefully selected material palette.

The subtle differences between both interiors that are experienced together but set apart create an unique dialogue and allow customers to naturally connect to the city outside.

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