hayakawa kowalczyk

Sky House

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: 2011 – 2013
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Unbuilt

Site chosen for this small house is set in super densely built Kita-ku ward of metropolitan Tokyo. Surrounded by other houses with a tiny path leading to the plot has no direct relationship with local street in front. The only connection that could be developed was above. Tokyo has a big sky. Big enough for everyone to have a little bit more space.

Since the site is extremely small the house had to be very specific. A tsubo, a traditional Japanese unit of measurement, which is formed by placing two tatami straw mats side by side so they add up to 3.3 square meters was a primary measure and starting point to develop the scheme proposal along with the sky-window concept.

The double height space connects the two storeys of the house and creates a framed view from the bedroom to the living space on ground floor.

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