hayakawa kowalczyk

EY wavespace Tokyo

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: 2020 – 2021
  • Client: EY Japan
  • Photography: Nacasa & Partners

Simple geometric shapes define the new EY wavespace Tokyo. Located in a landmark high-rise building in one of the world’s largest and most dynamic cities that never stops looking towards the future, the space introduces innovative technology and a new way of thinking about the flexible, post-pandemic workplace environment.

Four independent island-like areas resembling an archipelago form the new floor plan. Similar to stepping stones in a Japanese garden, they set the pace and control atmosphere of the space. The layout includes a well-balanced mix of multifunctional spaces, conference rooms, informal meeting areas and flexible workplaces. The space in between these areas was conceived as a place for interaction and collaboration.

Coloured acoustic panels wrap around the centrally positioned Studio X, a new type of webinar studio with enhanced communications and information technology features that meet all the needs and requirements of the ‘new normal’, by facilitating the seamless blending of hybrid – real and remote – events. Equipped with the latest recording and presentation technology together with a large 4K LED display, the space provides a high-end cinema-quality screening capability. 

Fabric walls have been integrated into the design to enhance the tactile experience and to make the space feel softer, something that seemed almost a natural thing to do in contrast with the digitalised and essentially non-physical space of today’s rapidly changing world.

The interior of each key space features a monochromatic grey colour palette, while outside brighter colours were selected to express the different activities. Developed with the strong use of geometric patterns, the colour scheme helps visitors navigate through the space and stimulates social interactions.

Note: EY wavespace Tokyo is not open to the public and cannot be visited as it is part of the EY office.

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