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Blum & Poe Gallery

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: 2013 – 2014

The design of Blum & Poe Gallery seeks to make the most of its unique location. The gallery is situated within a contemporary mixed-use building in Harajuku, between the bustling metropolis and the green oases of Meiji Shrine and the adjacent Yoyogi Park.

The concrete-floored interior is flooded with light. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the trees outside, providing visitors with a fresh experience and exhibiting artists the opportunity to interact with nature.

By contrast, the west-facing office and private viewing rooms are exposed to uninterrupted views of the Tokyo skyline and provide a fully equipped extension of the main gallery.


Location: Tokyo, Japan
Date: 2013 – 2014
Client: Blum & Poe
Area: 200 m2
Services engineer: ARUP
Main contractor:  D.BRAIN CO.,LTD.
Photography: Takumi Ota, Shizune Shiigi
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